A podcast about Korean America: who we are, where we are, and where we're headed in American life.
Pilot Episode.
Korean identity in America, seen through the lens of food. We visit three restaurants pushing the boundaries of Korean fusion food: Kimski in Bridgeport doing Korean-Polish food, Hanbun in Westmont reverse-engineering traditional Korean food, and Parachute in Avondale bringing Korean flavors into a Michelin-starred fine dining menu.
The chefs of the three restaurants talk about the place of Korean food and culture in America, and their roles in it.
Produced by: Danny Hwang, Louis Oh, Lizzy Ju for Medill 301.
For a shorter sample of this podcast, listen to the following clip that was written and produced by me. It is a 10-minute profile of the chefs and co-owners of the Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant, Parachute.

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