Hi there! My name is Eunsang Oh, but please call me Louis. I am Korean American formerly based in Chicago and currently situated in Los Angeles, California.
In school, I studied journalism but I am aim to take my storytelling training into the realm of designing experiences. I developed an eclectic storytelling skill set that includes video and audio, digital and print, as well as visual communication design. A solid basis in writing and editing is at the root of these skills. Such was further developed through experience creating content that spans various contexts including technical support documentation, thought-leadership columns and campaign copy. Journalism also imparted more than just the craft of narratives–instilling principles guided fundamentally by empathy, responsibility and compassion.
I am excited to bring all these things to the realm of designing experiences because I found joy in solving problems–beyond just reporting on them. To do this, I sought out experiences in design thinking and research. My graduate studies in Media Innovation was a fitting culmination of all these skills and interests. It looked beyond the art of storytelling and into innovating the structures, strategy and technology around it. Product development and research in the media space is my specialty.
Broadly speaking, my goal is to bring my storytelling background together with further training in product development and design thinking towards creating systems, environments and products that help people solve real human problems. Modern life is so complex–and only getting more so–that it is too often near impossible for most average humans to make the kind of good decisions they wish to make if only they were empowered to do so. I want to help make the world seem a little kinder or clearer in the right ways. I want to work to bridge the growing gap between technology and humanity so we can make the most of the gifts we create. I believe stories have the power to do this but must be employed with strategic deftness and empathetic care.

If you'd like to get in touch, reach me at e.louis.oh(at)gmail.com.
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